Alessio Campanelli

Alessio Campanelli

Analyst, Software Developer & UX Designer

Mobile Specialist

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Hi all, i'm a dreamer and I love programming especially for iOS, Xamarin (cross platform app), NodeJS and WP. I've developed several applications for these platforms with geolocation services, research, client-server.

I'm a fan of technology and I love to study and experiment. I like to put myself in front of my Macbook programming: finding solutions, "head banging" of new technological gadgets!

I really enjoy the artificial intelligence and everything that relates to the various search algorithms, planning, and logical inference.

Current studies:
- Network management (university exam)

- iOS Devops

Work Projects

I don't write the real name of all developed apps for privacy policies.

My AXA - current work iOS node.js

development in Agile team.

Retail Banking (BNP Paribas) iOS

development in Agile team.

Apps2Store Angular node.js

development with Node.js and Angular 4This is an app store ad hoc for clients with storage management, creation and distribution of a mobile app

My biz (BNP Paribas) iOS

development in Agile team.

Credit biz (BNP Paribas) iOS

development in Agile team. Start a simulation

Talk Med UX-Designer

with my graphic designer colleague I’ve designed the user interface and usability for a forum-mockup in medical environment.

Betting app Xamarin

This project is a multi-platform (iOS, Android and WP). I could experience the different potentials of Xamarin Forms. Then I had to integrate different parts of native code with special focus on live sports(optimization). via configuration files I managed the modularity for replication of the app for different dealers.

OTP bank generation Windows Phone

Native development of graphical user interfaces and logic for generating a otp. This project allowed me to try my hand in the security protocols and the use of encryption functions.

iPad app for compiling contracts under bureaucratic iOS

in this project I developed a runtime system for the creation of form filling on the basis of a structure (JSON) designed with a colleague of mine who developed the backend, for an important society of administration of personal property. The app is very modular.

Library for integrating voice commands in the banking iOS

Using some famous libraries STT (Nuance, iSpeech) I created an SDK that can be easily integrated in other projects thanks to an XML configuration file in which it’s possible to establish the flow of interaction with the voice assistant.

Management business telephone contracts Windows Phone

This native app allowed me to work with different native components of Windows Phone (Pivot menu, listView, etc ...) and also to use a particular model of classes developed by a company with which we have collaborated.

Library for REST chat system Windows Phone

Using REST services provided by LivePerson I developed a live chat (integrated in the previous project). Developing also a classic interface for the exchange of messages.

Porting library for middleware C#

Porting libraries in C# for creating models to be integrated after the client side from the developer of an app windows mobile.

iPad app for creating multimedia presentations iOS

Development of a tablet app for managing presentations (created by a specific desktop software). This app decrypts a zip containing the presentation and displays in different ways the various elements of presentation (audio, pictures, text) used by different promoters bank.

Advertising app for banking group iOS

This app, then replicated to other customers allows (with a classic hamburger menu) to view points on a map, banner ads, multilevel lists for some data, and other section built on a WebView reading data from a set of REST services.

Fun quiz app for the choice of bank funds iOS

This app enables rich graphics via an initial quiz to figure out what the best fund to buy is. Interesting was the memory management and image.

RadioRai Blackberry 10

In this app I was able to experience the development of audio streams and the management of the various services provided by RAI. Currently available and downloaded on the stores of blackberry. I used Qt language .

Rai News Blackberry 10

This application has not been developed directly from me but I have made several changes to some important news sections.

iSea Blackberry 10

This application is not present on stores but allowed me to learn more about the development of blackberry. I also learned how to use your current location, maps and lists and some other native components.

Personal Projects

project name

Update form priestAngular node.js

Developed for Seminario Romano in Rome, a one page angular responsive website and Node.js backend to update personal data

project name

Dog beach Website

Developed for a famous dog beach in Rome, a one page website. Simple, light and responsive

project name

Slide Gesture (Apple Watch)

Developed for a University project with - Prof. Panizzi (Human interaction on the web) - It allows users to manage a lot of slide in a presentation through smartwatch with swipe gesture and vibration.

project name

Indiana Golf

Developed for a Mini Golf - Indiana Golf - located at Riccione (Italy). It allows users to keep points, share the podium with points and photos of each player and other features.

project name


This app developed for a university project of "Multimodal interaction" with Prof. De Marsico , permits to communicate with raspberry pi 2 that has a motion detector... subsequently Raspberry sends a push notification to iphone (backend PHP and ios app both developed by me) and iPhone can send commands to raspberry through the use of voice. E.g "take a photo"

project name


This is my personal project for sharing prayers, meditating on the readings of the day, finding the main Christian songs and more. I developed the iOS version of the app and the backend in PHP language (also available for Android kindly developed by a colleague). I had also a way to use a major BaS (backend as a service) to send push notification to users. Many websites have advertised my app, including Vatican Insider one of the major web portals of Vatican with this article.

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project name


RdM is the app that allows users to find the best markets in and around Rome. For each bank you can be updated on daily promotions as well as the places. In the latest update, Christmas markets were also added. For this project I also developed the backend in PHP language and also a CMS developed in HTML / JavaScript for entering data consulted on the app (also available for Android kindly developed by a colleague).

project name


scuolaOk is my first utility app developed for my university thesis. It has not been published on the stores anymore. Through the use of Open Data, in fact, I’ve been able to create a database of schools all over Italy and i've also developed a section dedicated to a aptitude quiz for the choice of school.

Work Experience

Advanced consultant & engineer - Altran S.p.A (July 2019 - Present)

iOS and middleware for clients and R&D

Analyst & Agile iOS Dev - BNL BNP Paribas @ Mobilesoft (2016 - July 2019)

Banking app, retail, small business (and a little Java Spring Framework)

Analyst & Full stack Developer - Mobilesoft (2013 - July 2019)

In these three years i've developed several mobile applications passing on different operating systems (ios, windows phone, blackberry). I worked with many colleagues in my company and outside. I think i gained a lot of experience in the mobile and technology. I certainly learned to reason "Mobile": algorithmic speed, efficiency, usability.

Web Master- Sofia Onlus (2012 - 2013)

In this experience I had the opportunity to learn to use HTML and CSS. I also contributed in part to the restyling of the site, working with the great team of Fondazione Sofia.