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Gorilla Player Preview XAML

Today i've tested the new runtime preview... click to read how i think of
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USA Presidential 2016

The project consisted in the analysis of two datasets containing tweets related to the presidential elections of 2016 written by thousands of users.
Below the various studies carried out on these datasets:

  1. analysis of the number of users, tweets and mentions for the various candidates;
  2. research of users with highest centrality value and page rank
  3. computation of sentiment (via sentiwordnet) of the text of the tweets written by users
  4. research of pairs of the most necessary words and calculating their index of Jaccard
  5. prevision of the winner of the elections.

Used technologies:
Java, Twitter API, Lucene, Jung, JGraphT, Jsoup, SentiWordNet, Maven, git.

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use Lucene for Tweet Analisys

i'm working on university project for presidential tweets.
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Sentiment Analisys on sentence

Its curious to analyze the meaning of a sentence. Thanks to Christopher Potts (Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University) for his article related to negations of a sentence

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